Perform in Sports

Perform in Sports

Performance Perspectives has worked in the sport, exercise and performance psychology profession since 1991. Through this practice, Performance Perspective has worked with individuals and teams from a large variety of sports.

Our focus is to assist individuals and teams from the junior development level through to the professional level. The team at Performance Perspectives are committed to providing strategies for athletes to overcome problems, enhance their performance and achieve their sporting goals.


enhance performance with performance perspectives

Enhance Performance

pressures with performance icon

With The Pressures of Competition

recovering from injuries sport, performance

Recover From Injuries

irrational thoughts in sport icon

Identify Irrational Thoughts

transitioning out of sport

Transition Out Of Sport

life management

Deal With Distractions

increasing focus on performance

Improve Their Focus

improving confidence

Grow Confidence

acceptance and setbacks in sport

With Acceptance And Setbacks

“…for leaders, it’s the process and not just the outcome that matters, and creating an environment conducive to success is the critical foundation for team and individual performance.” – Tracey Veivers

Improve your athletic performance with sport psychology.